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Gen Y Capital Partners


We look forward to hearing about your business. To keep it simple, we suggest that you send a 7-10 page presentation deck along with a one-page introductory cover letter. We want to get excited about your business within 5-7 minutes and be eager to know more about your company — but most importantly, we want to really understand your business model. We believe that the value our team can add is more valuable than the initial monetary investment we’ll make in your company, so show us clearly how we can help leverage your position in the market.

We invest in businesses with teams that we believe in and that show they can quickly adapt to market feedback and insight. We take a hands on approach to investing and seek to have a portfolio of companies that are exponentially enhanced by what we as a company have to offer as thought-partners while your company evolves. While we appreciate ideas, we tend to invest in companies with a clear market and initial traction that, with a bit of fuel, can achieve escape velocity.

Once funded by Gen Y Capital Partners, portfolio company’s founding members who are under 35 are automatically invited to become members of the YEC. Before making a submission to Gen Y Capital Partners, please read our investment focus to have a better understanding of the focus behind the investment opportunities we tend to like as a firm.

We will review your deal, and make our decision within weeks, not months. We respect the finite time available to entrepreneurs and want you to be productive and focus on developing your company whether we do, or do not, ultimately make an investment.

Your submission should provide a clear understanding of the following:

  • Give us an overview. Tell us who you are, what you’re about, what prompted you to start this company, and why.
  • Tell us about the people behind your team. Have you ever done this before in any capacity, how and why do you think you can do it better? Share your relevant work history, education, and skills. Tell us how (and when) the team came together.
  • Market. What is the opportunity or problem, why does it exist, who is your target market, how large is the market, and how do you measure the potential upside?
  • Your business model. How will you acquire users, gain market share, build brand awareness, and obtain market insight?
  • Financials. What are your expected revenues and expenses? How long do you anticipate this round’s cash to last you?
  • Your monetization model. How will you make money and when do you expect to see revenues? How many revenue streams do you anticipate having (even if in staggered phases)?
  • Your competition. Does your competition have any best practices that you plan to utilize?
  • Funding. How much are you raising and how are you going to use the money? To grow a team, to support overhead, to expand? How much have you raised thus far and from whom?
  • Milestones. What is your vision for the future, measured in milestones for the next 2-3 years?
  • A demo. We get the best understanding of your concept through a visualization of some kind.

Thank you for your interest in Gen Y Capital.

To be considered for investment, please email your pitch deck, pitch video, executive summary and/or links to your product to